How to claim Flybe delayed flight compensation?


Flybe Flight Delay Compensation

Claiming your Flybe delayed flight compensation

According to EU Regulation 261/2004, passengers can claim compensation for the flight disruptions they experience. SkyRefund makes the process of claiming delay compensation from Flybe quick and simple. You can check if your flight is eligible and our claims team will then do all the work to ensure that you receive what you are owed.

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How much Flybe delay compensation can you claim?

Depending on the distance between the initial and final destinations of your flight and the duration of the flight delay, the amount of your Flybe compensation is determined as follows:

€ 250 € 400 € 600
Less than 1500 km Between 1500 & 3500 km More than 3500 km

Flybe Compensation: When can you claim?

You may be entitled to flight compensation from Flybe if you have suffered a delay, cancellation or denied boarding.

Flybe Flight Delay

You are entitled to compensation if your Flybe flight:

  1. Arrived with a delay of over three hours
  2. Was not delayed due to the presence of any extraordinary circumstances


Is my flight eligible?


Extraordinary circumstances is an umbrella term for any set of conditions which leads to long delays or cancellations that cannot be prevented or ameliorated by the airline. In these conditions, Flybe would not be required to pay delayed flight compensation because the disruption would not have been their fault.

Unfortunately, these situations occur more often than passengers would like. The most common instances of extraordinary circumstances include:

  • Bad weather (e.g. snowstorms, low visibility, strong winds)
  • Air Traffic Control strikes
  • Airline union strikes or
  • Restrictions from the control tower

Other, fortunately less common examples would include acts of terrorism, security risks and hidden manufacturing defects.

In addition,  in order to be entitled to compensation,your Flybe flight delay needs to be longer than 3 hours. The duration of your flight delay is determined as the difference between your actual and scheduled time of arrival.

Please note that the delay is determined by the time of arrival, not of departure. We would therefore advise you to document the time of arrival when you reach the airport of your final destination. This may help you receive your Flybe flight delay compensation later on.

Flybe Cancelled Flight Compensation

In order to claim a refund for your Flybe cancellation, you need to have been notified of the disruption less than two weeks before the scheduled day of departure.

You can claim Flybe flight cancellation compensation if:

  • you are informed of the cancelled flight between 7 and 14 days before your flight and your alternate flight arrives more than 4 hours behind schedule


  • You are notified of the cancellation less than a week before the flight and your replacement flight arrives more than 2 hours late


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In addition, as with claiming compensation for flight delays, your cancellation should not be brought about by extraordinary circumstances.

Finally, even if your flight does not cover the requirements for Flybe cancelled flight compensation, you are still entitled to either a replacement flight or a full refund of your ticket price.


Right to Care

Regardless of whether your Flybe flight was delayed or cancelled due to extraordinary circumstances or not, the airline is required to assist you with your expenses. This is known as passengers’ right to care.
In essence, passengers can receive a refund for all of their necessary expenses. These usually encompass expenditures for food, refreshments, accommodation and transport (in case the disruption pushes their flight to next day).
In most cases, Flybe will offer you food vouchers. Even if they don’t, you can still make your required purchases. Just remember to save your receipts, so that you can claim your reimbursement later on.

Denied Boarding

In most cases, overbooking is the reason behind the cases in which passengers are bumped off from flights.
In accordance with EU Regulation 261/2004 (EC261), if you are bumped from a flight, you can claim denied boarding compensation from Flybe.
The only additional determinant for compensation eligibility is that you were denied boarding involuntarily. Conversely, if you give up your seat when approached with an offer from the airline, you may get certain perks from them, but you would not be entitled to compensation.


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About Flybe

Flybe was established in 1979 as Jersey European Airways. In the year 2000, after a series of acquisitions and mergers with other airlines, the company was renamed to British European (BE). This is where the latter part of the company’s name is derived from.

With the appointment of new CEO Saad Hammad in 2013, the airline underwent drastic restructuring. Mr Hammad stood down in 2016.

The autumn of 2018 saw a steep decrease in Flybe’s share value. As a result, Flybe announced it was in the process of holding talks about selling its business.

More recently, in February 2019 Flybe was acquired by Connect Airways, a consortium established specially for the purchase of the airline. Virgin Atlantic and Stobart Aviation are the consortium’s major founders. Both of the above mentioned had expressed interest in purchasing Flybe previously. Flybe’s sale became effective on March 11, 2019.

In December 2018, Flybe’s fleet consisted of 76 aircraft, the majority of which were Bombardier Dash 8 Q400.

Is Flybe still flying?

As of March 13, 2019, Flybe have not announced that they will be suspending operations. However, after its acquisition some uncertainty remains. According to some, Flybe’s operations could be diverted to Stobart and Virgin Atlantic. For the time being, passengers can continue to book Flybe flights.

Flybe Rankings

Skytrax has awarded Flybe an overall score of 5/10. This rating is based on passengers’ inflight comfort, the quality of the airline’s customer service and its overall value for money.