Airplane mode or how to survive without internet?

Welcome to the offline world! We will be your guide.

We all know that after the words “please fasten your seatbelts” from the flight attendant we are ready for take-off and that means turning on airplane mode on our cell phones. So the long internetless time begins.

Take a deep breath and do not fear the airplane icon, here are some tips that can prepare you for that dreadful moment.

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Download your playlists in advance

spotify icon

Nowadays we listen to music mostly from online platforms like YouTube, Spotify, TIDAL etc. Fortunately, most have an offline version. Meaning you can download your favourite tracks and listen to them without an internet connection. That doesn’t make a lot of sense until you’re on a plane and you have only your ringtone to play on repeat in your headphones.

Stock up on your TV shows

netflix icon

The TV streaming service situation is equivalent. Our favourite TV shows and movies are streaming daily on our devices but as soon as we enable airplane mode everything changes.

Thank God the creators of tv streaming services are familiar with air travel and provided us with an offline option. Download everything you want to watch, the night before and enjoy it on the plane.

Grab your favourite books

book and kindle

That one is pretty obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. You can grab your good old fashioned book and forget about your phone. However, if you’re an e-book fan, just be sure to download some interesting titles beforehand.

Game on

Another fun way to pass the time while flying is playing games. Similarly to the other platforms, most of the games can be played offline. Yes, you will keep your online friends waiting for a while but that’s the perfect time to develop your character!

Turn the disadvantages into advantages

Unfortunately, there is always a chance for your flight to be delayed. In this case, you can use the extra time to do everything on our list. Most importantly, be sure to check your eligibility for flight delay compensation.

And if the delayed flight becomes cancelled it is important to read your rights. Afterwards, proceed with stocking up on your precious content.

There’s always a silver lining

Here’s a little secret - some airlines permit using wi-fi and Bluetooth on the aircraft. You can get wi-fi in the air with air-to-ground systems or satellites. Nonetheless, you must keep the airplane mode on. And even though you still can’t make phone calls or receive calls, you can browse the internet. Keep in mind that this service is not applicable while flying overseas. So be sure to follow the steps above.

Regarding Bluetooth usage - you can connect devices smaller or equal to a smartphone. That means your over-the-ear headphones should be around that size when folded.

After a long flight, you will realize that the airplane mode is not your enemy after all. You can try using it in your everyday life - it prevents battery draining and can save battery life in the longterm.

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Stay safe!