Business class flights: How to get them cheap?

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Do you often fly business class and wonder whether you can reduce your expenses?

Or maybe you want to experience it for the first time? Who wouldn’t want a spacious seat that can convert into a fully flat bed, Wi Fi and some delicious food and drinks? You deserve to treat yourself with a better experience next time instead of beginning your all-inclusive holiday with an uncomfortable economy plane seat on a fully-packed flight.

However, prices can be quite steep. That’s why here we have gathered for you the best tips on how to easily get cheaper business class flights.

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How to get cheaper business class flights

Be flexible with your flying dates

If it’s possible, try flying on less popular days. Business travellers generally fly mostly during the week, especially on Tuesday. That’s why you might find cheaper fares during the weekends.

What’s more, it’s always better to avoid busy holiday periods.

Look for error fare flights

Sometimes airlines make mistakes and you can score incredibly cheap deals. Be on the lookout so that you can quickly spot these error fares and book immediately before they disappear.

Learn more about error fare flights and how to find them in our separate article.

Take advantage of the sales

Many airlines have flight sales throughout the year so it’s a good idea to follow your preferred air carriers’ social media so that you don’t miss all the bargains.

For example, British Airways often offer some great deals, especially around Black Friday and Boxing Day.

Of course, this strategy works best if you can be flexible with your dates. That way, you can book much cheaper business class flights.

Upgrade in the last minute

If there are empty seats available in business class, airlines might offer you a cheap upgrade on the day of the flight. You can ask at the airport if there are any cheap upgrades offers, but it’s probably best to access the airline’s website or app before your flight. Go to “Manage my booking” and see if there’s an option to upgrade for cheap.

Get help from a Business class agent

Airlines would want to fill up their first and business class cabins so they might reduce their fares at one point.

However, they don’t want to advertise this online so that they don’t upset full paying customers. That’s why they work with a few preferred partners like SkyClub. You can try contacting them and inquiring about cheaper business class flights.

Use a flight search engine

Many air passengers nowadays turn to flight search engines when booking a flight. They can often provide you with cheaper tickets than the airlines’ websites. However, for best results, it’s recommendable to use at least 2 or 3 such websites so that you can compare prices and routes and choose the best one for you.

Learn more about flight search engines in our article.

Use your air miles

Many travellers now sign up for airline loyalty schemes to collect air miles every time they fly. Another option is signing up for air miles credit cards that allow you to collect points every time you spend on the card, regardless of the purchase. You can quickly add up points that way and get cheap or even free business class flights.

In the UK, among the most popular credit cards are the British Airways American Express and the Virgin Atlantic White. What’s great is that both have no annual fees.

When you have an account, you can even get an extra card for your spouse. That way you can earn twice as many miles on the same account.

The fact is, frequent flyer miles are usually of much better value if you use them to upgrade to business, as opposed to buying economy class tickets with them.


Stay safe!