BA flight status: How to check?

(Photo by bilaleldaou on Pixabay)

Is your next flight with British Airways? Maybe you are waiting to pick up your loved ones from the airport and wonder when exactly they will arrive?

In any case, you will want to know if everything is going according to schedule. That’s why we will share how you can easily check your BA flight status.

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How to check a BA flight status?

You can quickly check your BA flight status by going to the official website of British Airways.

Enter the cities or airports of departure and arrival as well as the date and you will see all results for that day. The status of each flight will be clearly stated. It can be either cancelled, or departed, on time or delayed.

You can search for a specific flight directly by entering the flight number if you know it. Then you choose whether it’s departing or arriving, and the date.

If you want to easily check your BA flight status on the go, you can download the British Airways mobile app for Android or iPhone.

If you have already read our article about live flight trackers, you will also know that there are some other ways to track your plane. For example, you can go to this live British Airways flight tracker and see all planes that are in the air in real time. You can click on them for more details, such as takeoff time, estimated landing time, current speed and altitude, aircraft type and more. You can even track random airplanes on the map just for fun.

For the latest route and flight news, timetables and more flight information from British Airways, go to their page.

Is your BA flight delayed or cancelled?

After checking your BA flight status, did you find out it is delayed or even cancelled? 

Then you might be eligible for a British Airways flight delay compensation.

Under EU Regulation 261/2004 (EC 261), you could be entitled to up to €600.

The compensation you can get depends on the distance of the flight:

  1. For flights under 1,500 km, passengers get compensation of €250.
  2. If the flight distance is between 1,500 and 3,500 km, you can claim €400. This is the maximum you can get for a flight solely inside the EU.
  3. If the distance is greater than 3,500 km (for example, your flight departed from an EU airport and landed outside Europe), then you could claim up to €600.

It is important to note down the exact departure and arrival time of your flight for that purpose. That’s why checking your BA flight status and details online is a good idea.

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Stay safe!