The Highs and Lows of Air Travel: A Passenger's Experience

While air travel allows us to see all those places in the world that we could otherwise only dream of, it is also often the reason for a lot of frustration. Our mission at SkyRefund is to help air passengers receive their rightful flight delay compensation or cancellation compensation. We believe in the passenger’s right to make the most of their family, business or adventure trips and we are committed to ensuring that they are protected. This is why we are always happy when travelers share their experience using our services.

Danny Stefanova is an avid explorer from Bulgaria who earlier this year seized the incredible opportunity to fulfill her dream of seeing Mexico. With the help of our partners at Fly Cheap Trips who specialize in matching cheap flights to our dream destinations, she found affordable tickets for her and her family and after an exciting period of preparations, the four of them were off to the turquoise beaches of Cancun.

beautiful beach cancun


Everything was going so well until the time to return to Bulgaria came. As often happens, her flight from Cancun was canceled and she could not depart until the next day. Of course, this meant she would also miss her connecting flight. And it got worse.

Danny and her family departed from Mexico on the next day but suffered an additional five-hour delay. Therefore, to finally get home, they had to purchase a new set of tickets—to an altogether different destination. After so much trouble, when they finally reached home they could hardly remember anything of their two weeks in paradise.

According to European law, Danny and her family were entitled to a significant compensation from the air carrier but two weeks after she filed their compensation claim, they still hadn’t heard back from the airline.

It was at this moment that the representatives of Fly Cheap Trips recommended SkyRefund’s services and so she reached out to us. After a few weeks in which we went through the bureaucratic and legal difficulties of negotiating with the airline, she received her compensation.

Here is what she shared:

“I would like to thank you for your help in claiming our rightful compensation—for the canceled flight we received €600 per person. A lot of people don’t bother filing their claims but it takes less than 15 minutes to read the contract and to sign the papers. It’s a very simple, fully electronic procedure.

“People should try to keep all of the documentation about their trip as it makes proving your delay or cancellation that much easier. The boarding passes are essential. I also kept a letter in which the airline said that due to a technical problem, we would fly on another plane the following day and even asked them to sign the letter. I went as far as to take a photo of the information screens at the airport but it was worth it. I felt I had to do everything. I was so frustrated.

“I spoke to a SkyRefund representative and she told me to log into the website, read the terms and conditions and fill in the form where I mark the grounds for the claim. The claim checker would then automatically determine whether I would be eligible for compensation and would tell me the amount of the refund. I would then electronically sign the contract, authorization form and attach the additional documentation: passports, boarding passes, and reservation confirmation.”

Danny’s story illustrates the troubles that air travelers can go through. She recently filed another compensation claim with us for her delayed flight which is also worth €600. We are working on her claim in order to ensure that she is rightfully compensated.

If you are an air traveler, who has also recently experienced a delayed flight or cancellation , SkyRefund’s legal experts will do the hard work for you so that you receive your due compensation. Get started using our claim checker.

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