Flightscanner: compare flight prices at a glance

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No matter if you have a set destination and dates for your travels or you are just looking for a cheap vacation anywhere, flight search engines are the most convenient way to find the best airline ticket fares. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you want to compare flight costs. 

There are numerous options, each promising to find the best deals. In order to find the cheapest flights, you sometimes need to look up more than one search engine. Among the popular options are Skyscanner (you can read our separate article about this particular online travel agency), Google Flights, Momondo, etc.

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Flightscanner: how it can help with vacation and trip planning 

One of the widely used websites, especially in the UK, is Flightscanner. Similar to Skyscanner and Momondo, Flightscanner is an online travel agency that helps travellers find the lowest ticket prices for their journey, the most convenient flight connections, and the shortest travel time. 

The main function that Flightscanner serves is to look for one way/return flights from a set departure point to a set destination. When you specify the route and the dates, you can additionally take advantage of three filters to narrow down your search: number of stops, duration of the journey, and price. 

Based on your location, the site can also show you popular destinations, and give a suggestion for a specific trip. The offers are mostly based on cheap prices, so you can see flight options for the next two or three months. If you are up for an adventure, if you have no particular travel dates, or just don’t know where you would like to go, this Flightscanner feature can give you some ideas. Spontaneous trips often turn out to be the most memorable.

Like most other search engines, Flightscanner not only helps you with booking flight tickets, but also hotels and rental cars. The “Hotels” and “Car rentals” tabs on the website lead to Booking and Rentalcars, both part of Booking Holdings Inc., an important provider of online travel and related services. Since you get redirected to these third party websites, you have to make yourself familiar with their terms and conditions when making a reservation; Flightscanner is only an intermediary in this scenario.

The tricky parts when using Flightscanner

Apart from, there is also another tool called Flightscanner but available at the web address The two online travel agencies are not affiliated, however they offer similar services, with the UK version focusing on flights from and to the UK. 

Keep in mind that once you choose your preferred journey on Flightscanner, you will be redirected to third-party websites, including other search engines like or that allow you to directly make a booking. This means that you might have to read their terms and conditions, pay attention to what the price does or does not include (for example checked luggage), and make sure that you book through a safe platform.

Even if you find a good offer on Flightscanner, it is always recommended to double check it with other search engines or with the airline itself. We advise you to use incognito mode when looking up ticket fares. Your search data should not be stored in principle, but some users have experienced artificial boosts of prices, so our tip is to take precautions just in case. 

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Stay safe!