New Icelandic Low Cost Carrier is Joining the Airspace

Early this year Iceland’s low-cost airline WOW ceased operations. This led to multiple cancelled flights despite the fact that other air carriers were offering discounts for stranded passengers.

Two days ago, it was confirmed that WOW will have a successor. On November 5th, the former VP of Operations in WOW, Arnar Már Magnusson, announced in a press conference that a new budget airline will join the rest of the Icelandic Airlines. The establishment of the new airline has been underway since April.

The company will operate under the name Play and promises to provide air passengers with happiness and affordable prices, as it was stated on their website. The main brand colour will be red, reflecting the core principles of the newly created airline, which are passion, happiness, boldness. Former managers of WOW that are now part of the team behind Play jokingly named the airline WEB - We Are Back.

In the core of the company’s management is Póroddur Ari as co-owner and Sveinn Ingi as CFO. Play has already received an investment of $40m from a fund owned by Aislinn Whitley-Ryan, a descendant of the founder of Ryanair.

The company intends to hire a number of employees in the following weeks in order to provide high-value services for the best prices on the market.

Which destinations will be covered by Play Airline?

As stated at the conference, Play will launch in November, but no certain date is confirmed yet. The ticket selling starts in November with an additional giveaway of 1000 free tickets. If you want to join the lottery, you need to sign up for the announcements on Play’s website.

The company will focus on covering destinations both east and west which resembles WOW’s working model. For the upcoming winter Play plans to fly to six destinations in Europe, but so far no particular airports were mentioned. Furthermore, the new Iceland airline will look to expand the fly routes to at least four destinations in North America. The company’s intentions are to increase the fleet by the summer of 2020 and launch flights to the USA.

Many details are still uncertain around Play, which raises the stakes with their ambitious business plan. The company has to obtain the air operator’s certificate.

Play Airline’s Fleet

The newly formed Play Airline intends to operate both passenger and cargo flights. The Airbus A321 is the company’s primary choice as it is fuel efficient. The plan is to start with two airplanes with a further expansion to six by the summer of 2020. Furthermore, the company has set a target of ten aircrafts for the first three years of operation.

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Be aware that you have rights

The future is yet to come and we have to wait to see how much of the promises will Play fulfil. As there are many airlines in the skies above, flight delays, cancellations and denied boarding happen even to the most punctual air carriers. Fortunately under European Regulation 261 / 2004, you might be entitled to flight delay compensation for the inconvenience caused. At SkyRefund we have all the necessary expertise when it comes down to flight disruptions. Claim what is rightfully yours with us.

Happy travels!