VIP airport lounges: Oases of comfort

Amidst the busy airports all around the world, tired travellers often face long lines, echoing announcements, and lots of noise. But guess what! There's a secret spot of calm called VIP airport lounges that can give you a break from all that craziness. These special lounges are like safe havens where you can relax before your flight if you arrived early, actually enjoy the time between your connecting flights, or have at least some comfort in case of a flight delay or cancellation. Let's dive into the world of VIP lounges!


Priority Pass membership: Your gateway to exclusive comfort

Priority Pass is the most popular and widest membership program that grants entry to over 1,400 independent airport lounges in more than 600 cities worldwide.  From the United Kingdom to the United States, Asia to Australia, a Priority Pass membership provides access to VIP airport lounges irrespective of airline or ticket class, ensuring a consistently premium experience for all members.

The exclusive program offers three membership tiers based on the travel frequency: Standard, Standard Plus, and Prestige. 

  • Standard package: costs £69 (€89) per year, and each lounge visit is charged at £24 (€30) for both members and their guests. The Standard plan is suitable for occasional flyers. 
  • Standard Plus package: annual fee of £229 (€289) which includes 10 complimentary visits per year. Any additional member and guest visits are charged according to the Standard plan. 
  • Prestige package: for the annual fee of £419 (€459) frequent flyers get unlimited free visits to lounges all over the world. Guest visits are charged according to the Standard plan.

Priority Pass members can take advantage of complimentary refreshments, free and stable Wi-Fi connection, secluded conference rooms, comfortable spaces for work or relaxation, and shopping and spa services discounts.

The Escape Lounges chain is an important part of the Priority Pass program. These VIP lounges are available at select airports across the US and the UK (Manchester, Bristol, London Stansted and East Midlands). Visitors can enjoy free meals, a wide range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, free Wi-Fi and private conference rooms. Access can be pre-booked and prepaid online or paid on arrival. 

Many airlines like United, Delta, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, and LATAM, offer their very own exclusive airport lounges (in addition to Priority Pass). Access to those oases might be a bit more selective: you will need a boarding pass with that particular airline and maybe a specific travel class.


Convenience through pre-booking

Frequent flyers know the importance of pre-booking their lounge spots. Access to VIP airport lounges might be a challenge during peak travel seasons, so it is always a good idea to secure your entry. This way, you can make sure that you will get a friendly and warm welcome in the cosy lounge atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy terminal.


Culinary delights

Among the defining features of VIP airport lounges is the fancy variety of food choices. While waiting to board, you can embark on a culinary journey, trying a diverse range of gastronomic delights – from continental breakfasts to international cuisines. A full English breakfast, an Asian delicacy, or a light Mediterranean salad, these lounges have something for everyone.


Wines, beers, and refreshments

Another huge advantage of relaxing in a VIP lounge is the unlimited access to high quality wines, beers, and soft drinks. The wine selection in some lounges could make it hard for you to make your choice; and if you have an occasion to celebrate, you can even raise a glass of champagne while waiting to embark on your journey. If you prefer to stick to non-alcoholic beverages, VIP airport lounges offer plenty of refreshing options, which will keep you hydrated and content.


Seamless lounge access with select credit cards

Apart from priority pass memberships, some credit cards give their holders the great advantage of airport lounge access. These special cards are tailored for frequent travellers and give them the chance to escape the busy airport terminals. Read our article to learn which travel credit cards are the best and what perks you can enjoy. 

Amid the fast-paced world of travel today, VIP airport lounges come as havens of relaxation and luxury for travellers all around the globe. With Priority Pass membership opening doors to lounges worldwide, pre-booking ensuring a smooth entry, and attractive food and drink choices, these special spots redefine the pre-flight experience.
So as you prepare for your next trip, why not treat yourself to the world of VIP lounges?
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