How to get a refund from Korean Air: cancelation policy

Plane tickets are usually not something you return, especially if you paid a significant amount of money for them. Unfortunately, even the grandest travel plans are subject to the whims of fate and sometimes, we have to cancel our flight bookings. 

Most often airlines, and Korean Air is no exception, are not particularly enthusiastic about issuing refunds. However, this does not mean it is impossible to get a reimbursement in case you cannot make your flight. 

This article will discuss the main points on how to cancel a Korean Air flight reservation and get a refund for it. 


Flight booking cancelation 

First and foremost, you have to know that you should request a refund at least 30 days before the ticket’s expiration date. The standard period of expiration is 1 year after the date of issue indicated on the ticket. 

It is important to note that flights that are scheduled to fly from Korea are subject to different rules than flights going to Korea. Depending on the ticket fare, Korean Air might impose a refund penalty fee. Apart from the type of flying class, the refund penalty fees for Korea outbound flights also depend on the date the refund is requested. 

Naturally, you can only get refunded for an unused ticket, or a partly used ticket (if it is a connecting flight and you only successfully finished one leg of the journey). 

Similarly to all other air companies, applying for a refund with Korean Air can be done on the company’s website or mobile app. If you booked your ticket via a travel agency or a third party, you will have to contact them and ask them to submit the refund request on your behalf. 

Keep in mind that a service fee of $30 is charged for each refund.


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Mandatory documents for a refund request

Certain documents are required in order to submit an application for a refund from Korean Air. These are your electronic boarding pass (e-ticket itinerary), the receipt for purchasing the ticket, and a photo ID (preferably the one you used to register for the flight).

Refund processing 

Korean Air claims to review and process refunds within 3 business days since the date of request submission. 

If you bought your ticket with cash, the refund will be deposited in your bank account and if you paid by credit card, Korean Air will transfer the money back to the original form of payment. It usually takes between 2 and 5 business days for the transaction to be approved, but if it takes longer, you should contact your credit card company. 

If your ticket was purchased with award miles (Skypass mileage) and your refund request gets approved, the award miles will be immediately transferred back to your account. However, a refund penalty fee (if applicable) and a service fee will still be charged to your bank account or credit card. 

Korean Air’s cancelation policy is slightly more complicated than the terms of other airlines but we hope this article will give a good overview of what you can expect in case you have to cancel your Korean Air booking. 

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