Take What's Yours


We can help you get up to €600
for flight delay, cancellation or 
denied boarding.

How it works

Give us your flight details

Enter your flight details and we will calculate how much compensation you are owed. Any flight in the last 3 years might be eligible. You can submit your claim in 11 languages.

Building your case and enforcing your rights

Once we have all the necessary flight information, we will do all it takes to get your compensation, including lodging complaints with administrative bodies and filing a case in court against the airline. Meanwhile, you sit back and relax.

Get your compensation

When we have successfully claimed your compensation from the airline, we will notify you immediately, so that you can receive your rightfully owed compensation. You may be entitled up to €600 for every passenger on your booking. 

Why use SkyRefund?

No win, no fee

You don’t pay anything unless we are successful in claiming your compensation. When we receive the enforced compensation we will deduct 25% success fee (VAT incl.). 

Experienced professionals

We are a team of internationally ranked lawyers, legal experts, transport and IT specialists whose knowledge and experience with the aviation industry helps successfully enforce passenger rights. Read more about us here.

Quick and easy

We have turned the hassle of claiming compensation into a laidback and carefree experience. You can submit all the necessary information in a matter of minutes and relax as we do all the work to get your compensation.

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