You do not pay any upfront fees when you use our services. We get paid only if we are successful in claiming compensation for you. Our fees are deducted from the compensation that the airline pays to you. Below you will find a general breakdown of our pricing policy. Please refer to Chapter IV “Fees for Services and Payments” in our Terms and Conditions for more details.


Standard Fee

If we claim your compensation without the need to take the airline to court, we charge a fee of 35% (VAT included) from the amount sent from the airline. Here is an example: 

Compensation Sent

EUR 250

EUR 400

EUR 600

Our Fee

EUR 87.5 (Incl. VAT)

EUR 140 (Incl. VAT)

EUR 210 (Incl. VAT) 

Litigation Fee

If the airline still refuses to pay out your rightfully owed compensation after we have made repeated attempts to collect the compensation directly from the airline, complained to government agencies and took the case to an arbitration institution, it’s time we take the airline to court.

We always contact the customers by email in advance to inform them that it is our intention to initiate legal action against the airline.

If we are successful in receiving your compensation after we have taken legal action, we charge, in addition to the standard fee, a litigation fee of 15% (VAT included) from the sum awarded in court or settled in an out-of-court agreement as a result of taking legal action. This fee reflects our efforts in drafting all the legal paperwork and compiling relevant evidence, allocating legal experts in the relevant jurisdiction to your claim and assuring that our attorneys will represent you in court.

In any case, even if we take the airline to court, you never pay any fees unless we are successful in claiming compensation.


Payment Method

Once we receive your compensation from the airline we will contact you to request your banking details. After we receive your banking details, we will send you the agreed part of the compensation by electronic bank transfer. All transfers are made in EUR. We work hard to ensure the best banking transfer fees for our clients. Please note that any expenses related to the transfer shall be borne by the client.


Pricing Policy, v2, published: 29.01.2021