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You can get up to €600 in compensation

Claim Your Flight Delay Compensation

Have you experienced a flight delay or cancellation? Your air passenger rights are covered by EU Regulation 261/2004 and UK law. You can receive up to €600 euros (£520) if your flight is delayed over 3 hours or cancelled less than 14 days before departure.

Here is everything you need to know about claiming your compensation if your flight arrives late.

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When are you entitled to flight delay compensation?

You may be eligible for up to £520/ €600 in compensation for your delayed or cancelled flight if your flight:

  • was within the EU/UK with any airline
  • departed from the EU/UK with any airline
  • arrived in the EU/UK with an EU/ UK airline.

EC261 applies to the EU, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland, plus all countries from the so called ‘outermost regions’, such as the Azores and Canary islands, for instance.

In all other cases, please, contact the airline (for example if you flew New York to Paris on Qantas). Your compensation in this case will depend on the airline and the countries of departure/ arrival.


Your flight was delayed by 2 hours or more: Your right to care

If your flight has been delayed for long enough, under EU/UK laws the air carrier has to provide:

  • Food and drinks
  • Access to emails/ phone calls
  • Accommodation if you’re delayed overnight, plus the cost of the journey between the airport and the hotel

Depending on the flight distance and the countries you’re flying between, your right to care kicks in after:

  • 2 hours for flights less than 1500 km
  • 3 hours for flights between 1500 and 3500 km
  • 4 hours for flights over 3500 km.

If you’re not sure, you can check the length of your flight with an online flight distance calculator such as Web Flyer.

In many cases air carriers offer their passengers vouchers they can use at the airport. If you do not get any, simply keep your receipts and claim the expenses from the airline later. Note that airlines have to cover only ‘reasonable’ expenses, meaning they will not reimburse luxurious hotels or alcohol.


Your flight was delayed by 3 hours or more: Claim your compensation

Under EU/UK law you are entitled to compensation if:

  • your flight is delayed by more than 3 hours, and
  • the delay is the airline’s fault (e.g. a technical issue, not enough bookings, etc.).


how much compensation are you entitled to

However, airlines are not required to pay compensation if the delay was caused by ‘extraordinary circumstances’, outside the air carrier’s control, such as bad weather or a security threat, for example.

Extraordinary circumstances include, but are not limited to:

  • Bad weather; 
  • Airport or union strikes;
  • Bird strikes;
  • ATC restrictions (e.g. runway closure);
  • Political and civil unrest.

extraordinary circumstances

Technical problems are not on this list - each airline is responsible for keeping its aircrafts well maintained and functioning. Therefore, you can rightfully claim compensation if your flight is delayed because of a mechanical issue.

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How much can you claim for your flight delay?

The amount of money you can get in compensation depends on the distance of the flight. Consult the table below to check the amount you can expect if you’ve experienced a long delay.
3 - 4 hours
More than
4 hours
checked tick € 250 / £ 220 checked tick € 250 / £ 350 All flights up to 1500 km
checked tick € 400 / £ 350 checked tick € 400 / £ 350 All flights between 1500 km and 3500 km
checked tick € 400 / £ 350 checked tick € 400 / £ 350 All intra-EU flights over 3500 km
checked tick € 300 / £ 260 checked tick € 600 / £ 350 All non-EU flights over 3500 km



Your flight was delayed by 5 hours or more: Get both refund and compensation

If your flight is delayed by 5 hours or more, you can choose whether to take the flight or not.


If you do not take the flight

The airline has to provide:

  • full refund of your flight, including refund for all other flights with the same airline in the same booking (e.g. onward flights if you are delayed mid-journey or return flights)
  • a flight back to your original point of departure if you are delayed mid-way and decide not to fly because of the long delay.


The legal time-frame for getting the refund is within 7 days of the flight date.

Note that this does not affect your right to compensation. As you have experienced a long delay, under EU/ UK regulations you are legally entitled to compensation for your troubles. 


If you take the flight

You may claim up to £520 depending on the flight distance if the delay was the airline’s fault.

Delayed Flight Compensation

Connecting flights: Your right to flight delay compensation

If you your Non-UK flight connects to a UK flight, you may be eligible for compensation if:

  • Both flights were booked as a single booking
  • You arrived at your final destination more than 3 hours late
  •  The delay was the airline’s fault


flight delay compensation distance


Business trips: You get the flight delay compensation

Many air passengers travelling on a business trip believe their employer is entitled to compensation if their flight is delayed. This is not the case: if a flight is delayed on a business trip, it’s the passenger who experiences the inconvenience, so under EU/ UK law it’s the passenger who is entitled to compensation (even if the employer paid for the ticket).

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  • Up and downgrading

If the airline offers a replacement flight and an upgrade, you will not get any additional charges. Alternatively, in case you get downgraded, you may get 30-75% of the original ticket fare reimbursed.

  • Cancelled flight

You can also claim financial compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004 for a cancelled flight.

  • Denied boarding

Check your rights and claim EC261 compensation for denied boarding.


What should you do if your flight is delayed?

  1. Keep your boarding pass, and any other documents issued by the air carrier. 
  2. Ask about the reason for the delay and collect proof for it (e.g. pictures of the departures board or any communications from the staff). 
  3. The airline must offer food and drinks in case of a long delay. If it doesn't, hold onto the receipts for any meals and beverages you buy while waiting. 
  4. Do not sign any agreements with the airline, or else your right to compensation may be waived. 
  5. If the flight is delayed more than 5 hours, you can choose whether to leave the airport or wait. If the delay leads to you staying overnight, the air carrier must provide accommodation and cover transport expenses from and back to the airport. 
  6. When you eventually arrive at your destination, note the exact time of arrival.


More flight delay regulations

In case your delayed flight is not covered by EU or UK law, your still have rights under:

The Global Montreal Convention

More than 140 countries, including the USA, have signed the Montreal Convention which requires airlines to compensate passengers for ‘damages’ (e.g. accommodation expenses in overnight delay).

US flight delay compensation

Unfortunately, the USA does not have its own law guaranteeing air passenger rights. In case of long tarmac delays, passengers are entitled to information and food and water, but cannot apply for compensation.

The good news is that if you fly to or from the EU your US flight may be covered by EC261.

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Did you have a delayed flight in the last 3 years?

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