Live flight tracker: How to track a plane online?

(Photo by OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay)

Do you know that you can track any flight online? Learn how here and see which some of the best live flight trackers are.

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What's the best flight tracker?

There are many live flight trackers online where you can check on your or your family’s plane while it’s still in the air. Most flight trackers are global, providing real-time information about thousands of aircrafts on a map. They are available both for desktop and for iOS and Android devices.

Among the best plane trackers are the following:

Often, knowing what time a certain plane is supposed to land at its destination is simply not enough. Especially if we are anxiously waiting for a loved one to arrive safely. We need more details, please...

Luckily, all these websites provide worldwide flight tracking in real time with all the details you would need or want to know, such as:

  • flight status,
  • departure time,
  • destination,
  • any delays and expected arrival time,
  • the number of the flight,
  • the type of aircraft,
  • its current speed, altitude and more.

Following a specific airplane on the map is oddly soothing, knowing that your mother, partner or best friend is in there, moving closer to you with every second.

Besides, if you’re bored, you can open an international flight tracker and just have fun following random planes. You can even playback flights from a past date. It could be addicting.

How many planes are in the air right now?

According to Flightradar24, there are currently about 6,445 planes in the air. It’s fascinating watching them on the map in real time!

How to track a flight?

If you want to track a specific flight on one of the plane trackers mentioned above, enter in its search bar the details you know, such as flight number. You can usually search by flights, aircraft, airlines and locations.

Flight Tracker: To sum up

Now you know what a real-time flight tracker is, where you can find one and how to use it.

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Stay safe!