Passport renewal: All your questions answered

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Are you planning your next trip abroad? Did you check if your passport is still valid?

Here we will discuss the procedure of passport renewal, including how to renew a child’s passport. You will learn everything you need to know in only 2 minutes.

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UK passport renewal

If your passport is burgundy or has “European Union” on the cover, you can continue to use it until it expires.

But if it’s time to renew your adult passport, you can do so in the following ways:

  • applying online - for £75.50 (reduced passport renewal fee);
  • filling out a paper form and sending it by post - £85.

You can get a passport application form from your local post office if you choose the second option. It will take you only several minutes to fill in the form.

However, renewing your passport online is preferable because, apart from it being cheaper, you can track your application immediately and check your passport renewal status. Applying via the government’s website works in your favour.


How will you receive your renewed passport?

You will receive your new passport by courier or Royal Mail. They’ll either:

  • post it through your letterbox;
  • hand it to you if you’re home;
  • leave a card or letter saying how you can get it (it will not say that the package contains your passport).


How long does a UK passport renewal take?

It takes up to 3 weeks to replace or renew a passport online. However, it may take longer if that’s your first adult passport.

If it’s urgent, you may be able to get your passport quicker - for example, to travel for compassionate reasons or work, or to prove your identity.

Remember: Don’t book your trip before you’ve got your new passport because their numbers won’t match and you won’t be allowed to travel.


Do I have to send my old UK passport when renewing?

Yes, your old passport should usually be returned. Make sure to mention if any valid visas remain in the passport before applying for it to be renewed.


Renew child passports

If the person is under 16 years old, they are eligible for a child passport.

The passport renewal for a child is a bit different as a procedure. Someone with parental responsibility for the child must apply for the passport.


Do you need both parents to renew a passport?

You need to give both parents’ details. If that’s not possible, you need to explain why, for example:

  • you’re the only parent named on the birth certificate;
  • you adopted the child on your own.

Someone with a parental responsibility must sign the form, and if the child is 12-15 years old, they sign too.


How much is a child renewal passport?

It costs £49 to apply online and £58.50 if you send the child passport application form by post.


What documents do you need to renew a child passport?

  1. your child’s old passport;
  2. their printed or digital photo, depending on how you apply;
  3. any valid passports from a different country your child might have;
  4. any court orders (for example that describe parental responsibility or residency arrangements).

Besides, if your child is under 12, you’ll need to ask someone to confirm their identity online after you’ve submitted the application. Also, the application and one of their photos must be countersigned. The same applies if they are older but can’t be recognised from the photo in their current passport.


How long does a child passport last?

When you renew a child passport, the new one will be valid for 5 years.

Important: If they are traveling to the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, your child will need to have 6 months left on their passport on the day of the travel.


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