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Aegean Airlines Flight Delay Compensation

What to do in case of an Aegean Airlines flight delay?

Have you recently suffered a flight delay or cancellation on an Aegean Airlines service? According to EU Regulation 261/04, you may be eligible for compensation that could be worth up to €600 depending on the length of your delayed flight.

Claim Compensation

While Aegean Airlines has built a strong reputation for punctuality, delays are unavoidable. SkyRefund will help you claim flight compensation. In fact, we only ask you to enter in your flight details into our claim checker and we will take all the necessary steps to win your compensation. We will bring your case to Aegean Airlines, to the administrative bodies or to court, and will ensure that the airline pays you what is rightfully yours. Meanwhile, you can lay back and relax.

There’s only onegood thingabout a delay

You can get up to €600 in compensation

How much compensation are you entitled to?

Depending on the length of your journey and the duration of the delay you experienced on your Aegean flight, you may be entitled to:

€ 250 € 400 € 600
Less than 1500 km Between 1500 & 3500 km More than 3500 km

When can you claim airline compensation?

Under EC261, air passengers can submit compensation claims when their Aegean Airlines flight has been delayed, cancelled or they have experienced a denied boarding. Additionally, if your trip included more than one flight, you could be entitled to missed connection compensation.

Aegean Airlines Flight Delay

If your flight meets the following conditions, you could be eligible for Aegean Airlines compensation.

  • You arrived at your final destination with a delay of more than three hours.
  • The delay was not caused by any extraordinary circumstances.

Unfortunately, not all disruptions are entitled to flight compensation.The airline could not be held responsible if there are any extraordinary circumstances, such as:

  • Bad weather(low visibility, storms, strong crosswinds)
  • Union strikes
  • Bird strikes
  • Airport personnel strikes
  • Runway closures or air traffic control restrictions
  • A medical emergency
  • Political or social unrest

Is My Flight Eligible?

Claim Aegean Airlines Cancelled Flight Compensation

If your were informed less than two weeks before the departure of your flight, you can claim compensation under EC261.

Notice Given Arrival at Final Destination
14 Days or More No compensation
7-13 Days Your alternate flight arrived at your final destination more than 4 hours late.
Less than 7 Days

Your replacement flight arrived at your final destination more than 2 hours late.

Aegean Airlines Denied Boarding

If you are denied boarding, you have the options to:

  1. Get a full ticket refund and a return ticket to the original point of departure
  2. Get an alternate flight to your final destination - either as soon as possible or at a later date

Additionally, air passengers can claim denied boarding compensation. To be eligible, you had to be denied seating against your will. The airline may ask for volunteers willing to exchange their seat for benefits. If you accept, you would lose your compensation eligibility.

About Aegean

Aegean Airlines was founded in Athens, Greece in 1987 as a luxury air carrier but in 1999 it began serving commercial domestic passenger flights. Aegean has established successful strategic partnerships with Lufthansa, TAP Air Portugal and in 2010, it officially became a Star Alliance member. In October 2012 Aegean acquired Olympic Air, one of its main Greek competitors.

As of 2018, Aegean services 160 routes in 28 countries as well as 12 Greek airports. Its main hubs are Athens International Airport (ATH), Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) and Larnaca International Airport (LCA) in Larnaca, Cyprus.

 Aegean Airlines Rankings

The leading airline review website Skytrax has assigned Aegean Airlines an aggregate rating of 8/10 based on the airline’s overall comfort and value for money. Aegean ranks very highly for its selection of food and beverages, seat comfort, staff service and value for money.

Luggage and Fare Information

Passengers who have purchased Aegean’s Economy GoLight tickets are allowed to bring one carry-on bag onboard while Economy Flex passengers are free to check-in an additional bag that weighs no more than 23 kg for free.

Air travellers who have purchased a Business Class tickets can take two pieces of cabin luggage with them as well as check-in 2 bags with a maximum weight of 32 kg each.