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Was your British Airways flight delayed? SkyRefund can help you understand your rights and claim up to €600 in compensation per passenger if your British Airways flight was delayed, cancelled, or overbooked within the last 3 years.


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Our mission at SkyRefund is to empower air passengers and offer you a simple, quick and easy way of upholding your rights. Check if you are eligible with our free compensation calculator. All you need to do is fill in your flight details (booking number, flight dates, etc.) to get a quick claim assessment.

We’ll do the rest! Our team of internationally recognized lawyers and determined claim specialists can help you receive the compensation that is rightfully owed to you.

Did you have a delayed flight in the last 3 years?

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No win, no fee. As our mission is to support you in enforcing your rights, we get paid only if we succeed in securing your compensation. Our standard fee is 35% from the total compensation amount. And we will not charge it unless we are successful.


Am I entitled to compensation: your rights in case of a disrupted British Airways flight

European Regulation 261/2004 is among the most comprehensive laws protecting air passenger rights worldwide. It applies to all countries from the European Common Aviation Area (ECAA), i.e. all EU Member States plus about 20 additional European countries. The UK applies this regulation even after Brexit. 

Under EC261 all air travellers who have experienced a British Airways flight disruption, such as a flight delay, a cancellation or overbooking, are entitled to compensation for their troubles.

You would be eligible for British Airways flight delay compensation if:

  • You reached your final destination with a delay of over 3 hours;
  • Your flight departed from an EU airport or is operated by an EU/ UK airline;
  • Your delay was not caused by any extraordinary circumstances.


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Extraordinary circumstances

Airlines are exempt from the obligation to pay flight compensation only in the case of extraordinary circumstances (events that are out of the control of British Airways, e.g. bad weather, bird strikes, etc.).

Extraordinary circumstances include:

  • bad weather
  • terrorist attacks
  • ATC restrictions
  • security risks

To learn more, read our article on extraordinary circumstances.
However, if the airline was responsible for the delay or cancellation, you may claim up to €600 compensation per passenger. What is more, you may file your claim for flight disruptions that occurred within the last 3 years.


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British Airways flight delay: Claim compensation

When are you entitled to British Airways flight delay compensation?

You may be eligible for BA flight delay compensation if: 

  • your flight was delayed and arrived at its final destination more than 3 hours after the originally scheduled arrival time;
  • your flight departed from or arrived in an EU country/ the UK.


How much compensation can you claim for a British Airways flight delay?

If you arrived at your final destination with a delay of more than 3 hours and the delay was not caused by extraordinary circumstances, you are entitled to:




3 - 4 hours

Delayed by

more than

4 hours


€ 250 

€ 250 

1,500 km or less

€ 400 

€ 400 

ECAA flights of more than 1,500 km and all

others between 1,500 and 3,500 km

€ 300 

€ 600 

All other flights of more than 3,500 km


Note: If you booked through a travel agent, please contact them directly regarding your options and/ or a refund.


What are your options if your British Airways flight is delayed by 24 hours?

You have the right to care and you may be able to claim back costs incurred as a result of your delayed or cancelled flight (e.g. accommodation or food and drink costs while waiting at the airport).


Cancelled British Airways flight: Reimbursement and compensation

You may be eligible for compensation for a cancelled BA flight if:

  • British Airways has notified you about the cancellation less than 2 weeks before the scheduled departure


  • has not provided an alternative flight within a reasonable timeframe from the original flight;
  • your flight is scheduled to depart from or arrive in the EU/UK;
  • the airline is responsible for the disruption of your travel plans.


Notice Given

Arrival at Final Destination

14 Days or More

No compensation

7-13 Days

A delay of more than 4 hours

Less than 7 Days

A delay of more than 2 hours


Passengers can be offered a total refund instead of the alternative flight.
British Airways will not be held responsible for any cancellations that occur as a result of extraordinary circumstances (bad weather, air traffic control restrictions, etc.).



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Claim Compensation for denied boarding on a British Airways flight

If your British Airways flight was overbooked and you were denied boarding against your will, you can receive:

  • a full refund of your ticket price, and a return ticket to your original point of departure


  • an alternative flight to your final destination (as soon as possible or at a later time convenient for you).

You may be entitled to compensation only if you were denied boarding against your will! Airlines typically offer benefits to volunteers willing to give up their seats. Such offers should be carefully considered. You may lose your right to compensation if you accept.


About British Airways

British Airways is the UK's flag carrier. Its main hub is at Heathrow Airport. The airline is the second largest UK-based carrier, behind easyJet.

British Airways was created in 1974. The airline is a founding member of the Oneworld airline alliance, the third-largest after SkyTeam and Star Alliance.


British Airways Ranking

British Airways is certified as a 4-star airline in the prestigious Skytrax ranking. The rating is based on BA’s airport and onboard product, such as seats, cleanliness, food & beverages, flight entertainment, and British Airways’ staff service.

BA rating for 2024 is under review as a result of 3-star rating levels for some products and services.