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Bulgaria Air Flight Delay Compensation

What to do in case of a Bulgaria Air flight delay?

Have you recently experienced a delay on a Bulgaria Air flight? According to EU law, passengers flying with EU-registered airlines may be entitled to compensation worth up to €600 in the case of significant flight delays or unforeseen cancellations. While the law is unambiguously meant to protect air passengers, due to airlines’ unwillingness to face additional costs, it can be very difficult to enforce your rights on your own. SkyRefund will help you.

You can use our compensation calculator to easily determine if your flight is eligible for compensation. Our legal experts will then build your case and take it to the airline, to the administrative bodies and even to court, if necessary, to ensure that you receive what is rightfully yours. Meanwhile, you can lay back and relax.

There’s only onegood thingabout a delay

You can get up to €600 in compensation

How much compensation are you entitled to for your delay?

Depending on the length of your journey and the duration of your flight delay, the amount of compensation you are owed is determined as follows:

€ 250 € 400 € 600
Less than 1500 km Between 1500 & 3500 km More than 3500 km

When can you claim airline compensation from Bulgaria Air?

If you have arrived to or from any European airport and you were delayed by more than three hours you could apply to claim your compensation for a flight delay, cancellation or denied boarding. And we suggest doing it with SkyRefund. We will make the process of claiming your due flight delay compensation quick and easy.

Is My Flight Eligible?

Bulgaria Air Flight Delay

In order to be eligible to compensation, your Bulgaria Air flight needs to meet two basic conditions:

  • You arrived at your final destination with a delay of more than three hours
  • Your flight was not subject to extraordinary circumstances

Extraordinary circumstances are:

  • Bad weather conditions
  • Bird strikes
  • Security risks
  • Control tower traffic restrictions
  • Medical emergencies
  • A medical emergency
  • Union and airport strikes (but not airline strikes)

Any event leading to a delay or cancellation that cannot be prevented by the airline can be considered as an extraordinary circumstance.

Claim Delay Compensation

Bulgaria Air Cancelled Flight

Under EU Regulation 261/2004, you could claim cancelled flight compensation if you were informed of the disruption less than two weeks before your actual departure. Please check the table below:

Notice Given Arrival at Final Destination
14 Days or More No compensation
7-13 Days Your alternate flight arrived at your final destination more than 4 hours late.
Less than 7 Days

Your replacement flight arrived at your final destination more than 2 hours late.

If you were informed well before your flight and you are not eligible to compensation, you have the right to rerouting to your final destination or a full refund for your ticket price.

Denied Boarding

Overbooked flights usually happen when the company sold more seats than the ones available on the plane for that particular flight.

Under EC261 in order to be eligible to reimbursement, you had to be denied boarding against your will.

In most cases the airline ask for volunteers willing to give up their seat for benefits. Consider the offer carefully as if you accept it, you would lose your compensation eligibility.

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About Bulgaria Air

Bulgaria Air became Bulgaria’s flag carrier in 2002, shortly after it was founded. Bulgaria Air operates 22 services from its main hub in Sofia Airport (SOF) to various major cities in Europe, the Middle East, and Russia, as well as domestic flights to Varna and Burgas. The airline’s fleet consists of a combination of Airbus A319 and A320 and Embraer 190 aircraft.

Bulgaria Air Rankings

The leading airline rating website Skytrax has awarded Bulgaria Air an aggregate score of 6/10, a rating based on the average ratings of customers for Bulgaria Air’s overall comfort and value for money.

Luggage and Fare Information

All Economy class passengers on Bulgaria Air flights are entitled to one free piece of carry-on luggage as well as a checked-in bag with a maximum weight of 23 kg.

Business class passengers are allowed to bring in a single carry-on item onboard but could check-in two bags of up to 32 kg.