Jet2 flight diverted: can you get compensation?


“Jet2 flight to Majorca suddenly diverts and returns back to Manchester Airport just an hour after take off”

“Unruly Jet2 passenger 'is tasered and dragged off flight' after his behaviour forces pilots to divert plane on its way to Tenerife - causing 27-hour delay”
“Jet2 cabin crew 'crying' and captain 'shouting' as Lanzarote flight is diverted twice”
“A man described as 'extremely drunk' by fellow passengers tried to open a plane's door mid-flight, forcing an emergency landing, report says”

It may be hard to believe but what you just read are not movie scenarios. The titles listed above are just a few of many articles reporting about Jet2 flights which were forced to divert. Whether it was a disruptive passenger, dangerous weather conditions, or technical issues with the aircraft, at least 10 flights of the British low cost airline were diverted only this year (2023).

Jet2 has the reputation of being a family-friendly air carrier and travellers who had such terrible experiences will probably long remember the stress caused by these unexpected diversions. The airline did everything in its power to make sure all passengers reached their final destinations and had a place to spend the night in the cases where that was necessary.

Now, the question is, does a diverted flight qualify as a legit reason to get financial compensation according to European Regulation 261/2004?

Our answer: well, it depends. First of all, let’s specify what diversion means: a diverted flight lands at a different airport than the planned destination. Sometimes, it’s a different airport in the same city, and at other times, it could be another city or even another country.

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As we mentioned above, there could be various reasons for a flight to be rerouted. But in order for you to be eligible for compensation, the diversion should NOT be the result of extraordinary circumstances. These, unfortunately, include the most frequent causes of diversions:

  • unruly passengers;
  • lightning strikes and bad weather in general;
  • security threats;
  • and medical emergencies.

If, however, your Jet2 flight lands at a different airport because of a technical issue with the aircraft or a problem with the airline staff, you will be able to claim compensation from the airline. Similarly to the conditions for flight delay compensation, the arrival at your final destination should be at least 3 hours after the originally planned time of landing.

The flight distance also plays an important role: the amount of money you can get as reimbursement depends on how long the flight was. Last but not least, we have to clarify that EC261 is valid only for flights that depart from the EU or arrive into the EU with an European airline. (If you are wondering whether the UK is still considered a part of this agreement, don’t worry - the British Parliament adopted EC261 into its regulations after Brexit.)

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Does this all sound familiar to you? If you were among the unlucky travellers whose Jet2 flight has been diverted in the last 3 years, you may be eligible for compensation. And not just that - SkyRefund can be your trusted partner who helps you get your money!

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We wish you safe travels and hope you reach your destination without any diversions!

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