Nouvelair Compensation and Refund


Nouvelair Compensation and Refunds: A Complete Guide

Air travel can be unpredictable, with delays, cancellations, and other disruptions causing inconvenience to passengers. For those flying with Nouvelair, understanding your rights regarding compensation and refunds is crucial. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on Nouvelair's compensation and refund policies, helping you navigate any travel disruptions with confidence.


What is Nouvelair?

Nouvelair is a prominent Tunisian airline, established in 1989. It operates flights across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, connecting popular destinations and providing a range of services to its passengers. Despite its commitment to reliable service, like any airline, Nouvelair can experience delays, cancellations, and other issues that may impact your travel plans.


Your Rights Under EC 261/2004

One of the most important regulations protecting air passengers in the European Union is EC 261/2004. This regulation applies to passengers flying from an EU airport or on an EU airline arriving in the EU. Although Nouvelair is a Tunisian airline, if you are flying from an EU airport, EC 261/2004 is applicable. This regulation provides passengers with certain rights in case of flight disruptions.


Key Provisions of EC 261/2004:

  • Delayed flight: If your Nouvelair flight is delayed by more than three hours upon arrival, you may be entitled to compensation.
  • Nouvelair Flight Cancellations: In case of a flight cancellation, passengers have the right to a full refund or re-routing. Additionally, compensation may be due unless the cancellation was caused by extraordinary circumstances.

Denied Boarding: If you are denied boarding resulting from overbooking, SkyRefund must offer compensation and assistance in regards to alternative flight options.


Compensation Amounts

The amount of compensation you are entitled to under EC 261/2004 depends on the distance of your flight and the length of the delay. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Short Haul Flights (up to 1,500 km): €250
  • Medium Haul Flights (1,500 km - 3,500 km): €400
  • Long Haul Flights (over 3,500 km): €600
Less than
3 hours
3 - 4 hours
More than
4 hours
cross icon € - checked tick € 250  checked tick € 250  All flights up to 1500 km
cross icon € - checked tick € 400  checked tick € 400  All flights between 1500 km and 3500 km
cross icon € - checked tick € 400  checked tick € 400  All intra-EU flights over 3500 km
cross icon € - checked tick € 300  checked tick € 600  All non-EU flights over 3500 km


Extraordinary Circumstances

Nouvelair is not obligated to pay compensation if the delay or cancellation was caused by extraordinary circumstances. These can include:

  • Severe weather conditions
  • Political instability
  • Security risks
  • Strikes by airport personnel or air traffic control
  • Technical issues that are not inherent to the airline's operations

More about extraordinary circumstances you can find in our article.

How to Claim Compensation from Nouvelair

To claim compensation from Nouvelair, follow these steps:

  1. Document the Disruption: Keep records of your flight details, boarding passes, and any communication with the airline.
  2. Check your flight: Check your eligibility for compensation via our free calculator. Please enter your details to receive an immediate result.

Check Your Compensation

  1. Leave the hard work to us: Once your compensation claim has all sufficient documents our legal experts will begin the process for defending your rights for disrupted flight compensation.


Refunds for Cancelled Flights

In the event of a flight cancellation less than 14 days, Nouvelair offers the following options:

  • Full Refund: Passengers can request a full refund of the ticket price. This is applicable even if the ticket was non-refundable.
  • Re-routing: Alternatively, Nouvelair may offer re-routing to your final destination at the earliest opportunity or at a later date convenient to you.


Nouvelair’s Own Policies

Apart from the EU regulation EC 261/2004, Nouvelair has its own policies regarding refunds and compensation. It is essential to familiarise yourself with these policies when booking your flight.



Nouvelair’s refund policy typically includes:

  • Voluntary Refunds: If you decide to cancel your trip, the refundability of your ticket depends on the fare conditions. Some fares are non-refundable, while others may be refunded with a fee.
  • Involuntary Refunds: For cancellations initiated by Nouvelair, passengers are entitled to a full refund regardless of the fare conditions.



Nouvelair may offer compensation in various forms, such as:

  • Vouchers: These can be used for future travel with Nouvelair.
  • Cash Compensation: Depending on the situation, you may be offered cash compensation instead of or in addition to vouchers.


How to Request a Refund from Nouvelair

If you need to request a refund from Nouvelair, follow these steps:

  1. Review Fare Conditions: Check the terms and conditions of your ticket to understand the refund policy.
  2. Contact us: Fill out our form and claim your compensation for flight compensation and refund.
  3. Submit Documentation: Provide all necessary documents, including your ticket, proof of payment, and reason for the refund request.

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Tips for a Smooth Claim Process

To ensure a smooth and successful claim process for compensation or refunds, consider these tips:

  • Be Prompt: File your claim as soon as possible after the disruption.
  • Keep Records: Maintain detailed records of all communication with Nouvelair, including emails, phone calls, and documents.
  • Be Clear and Concise: Clearly state your case, providing all relevant details and supporting documents.
  • Know Your Rights: Familiarize yourself with EC 261/2004 and Nouvelair’s policies to ensure you understand your entitlements.


SkyRefund: Your Partner in Claiming Compensation

SkyRefund is a trusted service that assists air passengers in claiming compensation for flight disruptions. With a team of legal experts and a user-friendly process, SkyRefund simplifies the often complex and time-consuming task of filing claims. By filing a claim with us, you risk no hidden or additional fees. We will only charge you 35% of the compensation amount you receive from the airline if and when we win your case.

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Why Choose SkyRefund?

  • Expertise: SkyRefund’s team is well-versed in EC 261/2004 and airline policies, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.
  • No Win, No Fee: SkyRefund operates on a no-win, no-fee basis, meaning you only pay if your claim is successful.
  • Convenience: The online platform makes it easy to submit your claim, track its progress, and receive updates.


How SkyRefund Works

  1. Submit Your Claim: Provide details of your flight disruption on SkyRefund’s website.
  2. Assessment: SkyRefund evaluates your claim to determine its eligibility.
  3. Negotiation: SkyRefund’s legal team negotiates with the airline on your behalf.
  4. Payment: If successful, you receive your compensation minus the service fee.



Navigating flight disruptions can be challenging, but understanding your rights and the compensation and refund policies of Nouvelair can significantly ease the process. Whether you’re dealing with a delay, cancellation, or denied boarding, knowing what steps to take and where to seek help is crucial.

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