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Virgin Atlantic Flight Delay Compensation and Cancellation

Flight delays, cancellations and denied boarding can severely harm your business and holiday plans. But, according to EU Regulation 261/2004 (EC 261), if passengers experience a cancelled or delayed flight, airlines are obliged to reimburse them.

You could be eligible for Virgin Atlantic flight delay compensation of up to €600.

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How to claim flight delay compensation from Virgin Atlantic?

With SkyRefund you can find out if your flight is eligible for compensation. We just need your flight number and date. Our legal team will then take the responsibility of enforcing your rights on your behalf to make claiming your Virgin Atlantic flight delay compensation a stress-free experience for you.

We work on a “No Win, No Fee” principle - you don’t have to pay us anything unless the airline reimburses you. We would only receive our fee (35% of the claimed compensation amount) when we have successfully negotiated your refund.

There’s only onegood thingabout a delay

You can get up to €600 in compensation

How much compensation can you get for your Virgin Atlantic cancellation or delay?

The amount of compensation you can claim depends on the length of your journey and the duration of your Virgin Atlantic flight delay.

If your entire journey was shorter than 1,500 km, you could be entitled to €250. If the distance of your delayed Virgin flight was between 1,500 and 3,500 km, you could be eligible for €400. If your trip exceeded 3,500 km, you could claim compensation of up to €600!

€ 250 € 400 € 600
Less than 1500 km Between 1500 & 3500 km More than 3500 km

If the length of your flight was over 3,500 km and the duration of your delay was between 3 and 4 hours, your compensation amount could be reduced in half.

When are you entitled to compensation?

You can claim Virgin Atlantic compensation if you have experienced a flight disruption such as delay, cancellation, overbooking or denied boarding.

Virgin Atlantic Flight Delay Compensation

Under EU law, to be eligible for compensation from Virgin, your delay needs to fulfill two important conditions.

  1. The flight delay needs to exceed three hours. Note that according to EC261, the duration of the delay is determined as the difference between the actual time of arrival and the scheduled arrival time.

    Is My Flight Eligible?

    Because the arrival time is so important, we highly recommend that you note it down when the plane door opens. This is also how EU Regulation 261/2004 defines arrival - as the time when at least one of the aircraft doors opens after landing.

  2. If your flight was delayed due to extraordinary circumstances, EU rules do not entitle passengers to Virgin Atlantic flight delay compensation.

    Common examples of such exceptional circumstances include:

    • Bad weather conditions
    • Bird strikes
    • Security risks
    • Control tower traffic restrictions
    • Medical emergencies
    • Union and airport strikes (but not airline strikes)

Moreover, EU Regulation 261 applies for passengers travelling from an EU airport or with an airline, registered in the EU. However, even though Virgin Atlantic is a UK airline and Brexit is a fact, the regulation still applies.

Claim Delay Compensation

Virgin Atlantic Flight Cancellation Compensation

You can claim Virgin Atlantic flight cancellation compensation if you were informed of the disruption less than 14 days before departure.

The table below details the conditions under which passengers are entitled to cancellation compensation from Virgin Atlantic Airways:

Notice Given Arrival at Final Destination
14 Days or More No compensation
7-13 Days Your alternate flight arrived at your final destination more than 4 hours late.
Less than 7 Days

Your replacement flight arrived at your final destination more than 2 hours late.

Even if you are not eligible for Virgin Atlantic flight cancellation compensation, you retain the right to either a refund of the cost of your journey or an alternate flight to your final destination. This includes cases of bad weather or any other extraordinary circumstances as well as cases when the airline notified you of the cancellation more than 14 days before departure.

The right to compensation for overbooked or cancelled flights is separate from the right to an alternate flight/ticket refund.

Virgin Atlantic Missed Connection Compensation

If your itinerary includes connecting flights and you are forced to miss an outbound flight due to a delay or cancellation of a prior flight, you may have the right to missed connection compensation.

To be eligible, you have to meet the same conditions as in the case of a flight delay. The only difference is that you need to have your tickets on the same reservation.

Virgin Atlantic Overbooking Compensation

If you have been denied boarding on a Virgin Atlantic Airways flight, you could be entitled to compensation.

In order to be eligible, it is important that you did not give up your seat voluntarily. In the majority of the cases in which there was overbooking on a Virgin service, your passenger rights would allow you to claim compensation.

As with flight delays and cancellations the amount of denied boarding compensation you claim will depend on the length of your journey - it could be as much as €600 for any trips of over 3,500 km.

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Right to Care

Regardless if your flight was cancelled, delayed or you were denied boarding, Virgin is required to provide you with food and drinks for the waiting time you spend at the airport, as well as access to phone calls.

To claim a refund for your necessary expenses, remember to keep your receipts. They are the acceptable proof of expenditure.

If your disruption forces you to fly the next day, the airline should also provide you with accommodation and transportation to and from the airport to your hotel room.

About Virgin

Virgin Atlantic Airways was founded in 1984.

Today it is controlled by the Virgin Group and Delta Air Lines.

 Virgin Atlantic Rankings

Virgin Atlantic’s customers have given the airline an aggregate rating of 5/10 on Skytrax. This score reflects Virgin’s overall in-flight comfort, customer service, as well as the value for money they offer.

Meanwhile, Skytrax itself has given it a 4/5 rating for its quality.

Have you experienced a flight disruption? You could be eligible for Virgin Atlantic flight delay compensation or Virgin Atlantic flight cancellation compensation - and we will help you claim it!