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Avianca Flight Compensation - When can you claim yours?

Your rights.

Delays or cancellations of flights are not something unusual these days. A delayed flight that leads to missing your connecting flight can disrupt your plans. Not to mention the inconveniences that come from a cancellation.

Fortunately, the EU has introduced a regulation to compensate air passengers in such cases. EU Regulation 261/2004 (EC261) applies when delays or cancellations and denied boarding happen.

Claim Compensation

The amount of your Avianca flight compensation can reach up to €600. The process of claiming on your own, might feel overwhelming, though. At SkyRefund, we can enforce your rights. Our legal experts have comprehensive knowledge and experience.

Do you want to receive what's rightfully yours? All we need are your flight details: date and flight number. Don't worry - checking your compensation eligibility is free. We charge a 35% fee only we are successful with your claim.

There’s only onegood thingabout a delay

You can get up to €600 in compensation

How much can I get as compensation for my Avianca flight delay?

According to EU Regulation 261/2004 (EC261), your Avianca flight compensation depends upon the distance of your journey and the delay. For flights covering less than 1500 km, you can receive €250. If the distance of the flight is between 1500 and 3500 km, your compensation will be €400. Finally, if your journey exceeds 3500 km, the compensation amount rises to €600.

€ 250 € 400 € 600
Less than 1500 km Between 1500 & 3500 km More than 3500 km

Am I entitled to compensation?

EC261 applies to air passengers with a point of departure - Europe, travelling with an EU or Non-EU Airline. The regulation also applies to departures from a non-EU Airport with final destination – Europe operated by an EU Airline.

Check My Flight?

Avianca Flight Delay

You as a passenger are eligible for delayed flight compensation in two particular cases:

  • You arrived at your final destination with a delay over three hours.
  • The delay was not caused by any extraordinary circumstances.

What are extraordinary circumstances?

  • Bad weather conditions
  • Bird strikes
  • Security risks
  • Control tower traffic restrictions
  • Medical emergencies

Or simply - events that lead to delays and cancellations, but are not under the control of the airline.

Claim Delay Compensation

Avianca Cancelled Flight

Sometimes the airline cancels flights due to internal causes. In such cases, you could receive a compensation payment. Flight cancellations are regulated by EC261 and they should meet several requirements in order for you to be eligible:

It is important to understand that you have the right to compensation only if Avianca informed you less than 14 days before departure.

Furthermore, you are eligible:

  • If the flight cancellation notification happened 7 to 13 days beforehand and your substitute flight arrived at your final destination more than 4 hours late.

  • If Avianca informed you 7 days or less before departure and your replacement flight arrived at your final destination more than 2 hours late.

The amount of compensation will again depend on the distance of the flight. Airlines are obliged to provide air passengers with alternative flights or a full refund of the ticket cost when a flight is cancelled.

Cancelled Flight Compensation

Other options

Avianca Airlines has developed different cancelled flight compensation strategies to keep its clients happy.

The airline suggests a coupon for its LifeMiles travellers. It can be used in Spain, The USA, London, Chile and some other countries. You can purchase tickets with Star Alliance Airlines, Aeroméxico and Iberia with it. You can also buy tickets to Disney theme parks, gift certificates, products from the LifeMiles e-store catalogue. There are several conditions you should meet though to use the miles receipt.

Avianca Airlines suggests an electronic coupon for delays or cancellations and denied boarding for non-LifeMiles air passengers. This coupon replaces the payment of the compensation and can also be used to purchase different products and services. However, there are many conditions and restrictions that apply to redeem the coupon. If you choose such flight delay compensation, be sure to familiarize yourself with them.

Denied Boarding

There are two cases of denied boarding:

  1. Voluntary denied boarding: a situation when you voluntarily give up your seat due to overbooking in exchange of benefits the airline offers. Remember, if you accept such offer, you can no longer claim flight compensation.
  2. Involuntary denied boarding: sometimes the company will sell more tickets than the available seats to make sure the plane will fly off full. Due to the overbooking, Avianca will try to find volunteers that have the time and the possibility to give up their seats. If there are none you will be denied boarding and Avianca will again offer you some benefits. If you accept them you won’t have the right to claim compensation.

The amount of the denied boarding compensation could be up to €600. As with delays and cancellations, it depends on the distance of your travel. You can read all about denied boarding compensation here.

About Avianca

Avianca Airlines is the national airline and flag carrier of Colombia since 1919. First registered under the name SCADTA Avianca is the world’s second-oldest airline after KLM. The headquarters of the airline are in Bogota with the main hub being El Dorado International Airport.

Avianca is the second-largest airline in Latin America and represents a group of eight Latin American airlines. It has the most extensive network of destinations in the region.

One of the focus cities of the airline is Miami. There Avianca represents the largest foreign carrier by a number of passengers. The airline covers 187 destinations in 27 countries - the whole of Latin America, the USA, the United Kingdom and Spain in Europe.

The company has codeshare agreements with 17 other airline companies among which are Air Canada, Air India, Lufthansa, and Turkish Airlines.

Avianca Rankings

Skytrax rates Avianca with a 5 out of 10 Airline rating. It represents the onboard products and staff service plus the Avianca home base Airport service.

Both business class and economy class hold a 3/10 rating with the short haul having a 4/10 rate before the long haul with 3/10.