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Did you know that you might receive up to €600 (£520) financial compensation from SunExpress if your flight with them was delayed or cancelled, or even if you were denied boarding? Many travellers are not aware of their rights and miss out on the opportunity to be reimbursed for their troubles.

Fortunately, the professionals at SkyRefund can help you understand and exercise your rights. Our lawyers have the needed knowledge and expertise to help you receive what you are lawfully owed. They will explain your rights to you, help you file your compensation, and do everything in their power to oblige SunExpress to pay you the compensation.

SkyRefund strictly works on a “no win, no fee” basis which means we will only charge you if and after we successfully obtain your compensation for you. The fee is fixed at 35% of the compensation amount.

If you are only learning about that now, you still have a chance to take advantage of the EU261 provisions: compensation can be claimed within 3 years from the date of the disrupted flight.

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Air Passengers rights

In the EU

EU regulation 261/2004, or just EU261, is a law designed by the European Parliament to protect air passenger rights on flights with EU airlines or departing from EU airports. In case of a severely delayed, cancelled, or overbooked flight travellers can claim financial compensation and airlines are obliged to pay it. The compensation amounts vary between €250 and €600 depending on the flight distance.

In the UK

After Brexit, the UK Parliament adopted the so-called UK261 law, the equivalent of EU261. Thus, UK air passengers retained the rights they had when the UK was still a part of the EU. If you are a citizen of the UK and have experienced a flight disruption with SunExpress, you will have the same protections as any other EU citizen and will be entitled to a compensation of up to £520.


What to do in case of a SunExpress flight disruption

  • Contact the airline representatives and get detailed information about the reason for the delay or cancellation
    It is important to note that you are only eligible for compensation under EU261/UK261 if the flight delay or cancellation is the airline’s fault or responsibility. This includes technical issues with the aircraft or airline staff strikes.
    If the flight is disrupted as a result of extraordinary circumstances like bad weather conditions, air traffic control restrictions, terrorist attacks or airport staff strikes, SunExpress will not be obliged to pay compensation.
  • Inquire about rescheduling options if available
    Even in the event of extraordinary circumstances, SunExpress is obliged to provide you with another flight or a full refund for your ticket fare. Know your rights and demand to receive what you are entitled to.
  • Request food vouchers or accommodation if applicable
    If your flight is severely delayed, SunExpress has to provide you with food vouchers or even hotel accommodation when the delay causes you to stay overnight. This is your right regardless of the circumstances, so don’t hesitate to ask the airline for help.

What NOT to do in case of a SunExpress flight disruption

  • Accepting travel vouchers could jeopardise your chance of compensation
    SunExpress, like all other airlines, might offer you some sort of compensation in the form of travel vouchers, free upgrades, or other perks. While these offers might sound tempting, keep in mind that if you accept them, you will not have the right to apply for EU261/UK261 compensation.

  • First offer does not mean best offer
    Airlines would often try to offer you a significant, but lower amount in order to avoid paying the full amount of the EU261 guaranteed reimbursements. We strongly advise against accepting the first proposal because it is almost always a trick; with us, you can get the money you are entitled to.

  • All receipts are significant
    Make sure that you do NOT throw away any receipts, notes, or any other documentation concerning your SunExpress flight disruption.

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What EU261 rules in case of a SunExpress flight delay

EU261 or UK261 considers your flight delayed when it arrives at its final destination more than 3 hours later than the officially announced landing time. The flight is considered to have arrived once the aircraft has come to a complete halt and one of its doors is open. You are eligible for SunExpress compensation if your flight is delayed for more than 3 hours and if the delay is not the result of extraordinary circumstances. 

What determines the amount of compensation you can get is the flight distance: short-haul flights (under 1500 km) equal €250 (£213), medium-haul flights (between 1500 and 3500 km) could get you €400 (£340), and long-haul flights are eligible for the maximum compensation amount - €600 (£520).


What EU261 rules in case of a SunExpress flight cancellation

A SunExpress flight cancellation could also get you financial compensation if there are no extraordinary circumstances involved. The money you can receive again depends on the flight distance, with the same conditions as for flight delays.

An important detail about flight cancellation compensation in EU261/UK261 is the airline’s deadline to notify you that your flight will not take off. Check out the table below to learn about the specific conditions:

Notification about the cancellation 


Amount of compensation 

More than 14 days before scheduled departure 


0€ / 0£

Between 7 and 14 days before scheduled departure

Yes, if the alternative flight arrives with more than 4 hours delay

€250 (£213)

Under 1500 km

€400 (£340)

1500-3000 km 

€600 (£520)

Over 3000 km

Less than 7 days before scheduled departure

Yes, if the alternative flight arrives with more than 2 hours delay

€250 (£213)

Under 1500 km

€400 (£340)

1500-3000 km 

€600 (£520)

Over 3000 km



Why choose SkyRefund

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    All you need to do to start the process is file your claim with us, everything else will be taken care of by our legal experts. 
  • Experience and expertise
    SkyRefund has helped over 700,000 travellers all around the world claim their compensation. Our team of professionals can assist passengers in 11 languages and our network of law firms spans over 37 countries and jurisdictions.
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About SunExpress

SunExpress Airlines was founded over 30 years ago as a joint venture between Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa. The main idea behind it was to connect Western European cities with vacation spots in Türkiye. Skytrax certified SunExpress as a 3-Star leisure airline and declared it winner in the category “World’s best leisure airline” in 2022. A new service offered by the airline is the SunPriority package. If you buy it while booking your tickets or add it later, you will have priority access to the check-in desks, boarding and baggage delivery.

Did you have a delayed flight in the last 3 years?

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