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Claim Finnair Flight Delay Compensation

How to claim compensation for a delayed Finnair flight?

Delayed, cancelled and overbooked flights can be very disappointing. But there is also good news. EU rules may entitle you to a Finnair compensation claim of up to €600 for your disruption.

Enforcing your rights can sometimes be even more frustrating than the flight delay itself. Due to the many administrative complexities, receiving your Finnair flight delay compensation can be very difficult and time-consuming.

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At SkyRefund we specialize in helping passengers whenever they experience a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight. With our automated compensation claim form, you can quickly submit your flight details: flight number and date. It will immediately inform you if you are entitled to Finnair compensation.

Our team will then take all of the necessary legal steps to ensure that you receive what is rightfully yours. We will earn our fee (35% of the compensation amount) only if we successfully defend your rights on your behalf. If we are unsuccessful, you wouldn’t owe us anything.

There’s only onegood thingabout a delay

You can get up to €600 in compensation

How much compensation are you entitled to for your disruption?

The amount of compensation you can claim will depend on the length of your trip and the duration of your Finnair flight delay.

For short-haul flights that span less than 1,500 km, passengers can claim Finnair delay or cancellation compensation of €250. Medium-haul flights, between 1,500 and 3,500 km, can bring passengers Finnair compensation of €400. This is also the maximum amount that passengers can claim for trips that begin and end within the EU. Finally, long-distance flight delays (over 3,500 km) can be eligible for up to €600 in compensation.

€ 250 € 400 € 600
Less than 1500 km Between 1500 & 3500 km More than 3500 km

When can I claim Finnair flight compensation?

Passengers can submit compensation claims for their Flight delays, cancellations or if they have been denied boarding due to overbooking.

Finnair delayed flight

You can claim delay compensation if your Finnair flight meets the following requirements:

  • The flight arrived at your final destination with a delay of over three hours
  • The delay was not a result of any extraordinary circumstances (e.g. inclement weather conditions)

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 Is My Flight Eligible?

According to EU rules, the duration of a delay is defined as the difference between the actual and the scheduled time of arrival at the passenger’s final destination. When calculating how long your delay was, remember to calculate it based on the time of arrival, not the departure time. The time of arrival is defined as the moment after landing when at least one of the aircraft’s doors is open.

We recommend that passengers note down their actual time of arrival when they reach their final destination. You can take a photo of the information screens at the airport, which would serve as evidence state your flight’s arrival time.

In addition, if you book a Finnair flight, the air carrier is under obligation to take you to your intended final stop. If they take you elsewhere, you have the right to a full ticket refund and to flight compensation provided that there were no extraordinary circumstances.

The second important condition for claiming Finnair compensation is the absence of any extraordinary circumstances. In general, this term is meant to encompass any events that an air carrier will is not capable or responsible to prevent and that result in delays and cancellations. The most common instances of extraordinary circumstances include:

  • Security risks

  • Air traffic control restrictions (including runway closures)

  • Acts of terrorism

  • Political/civil unrest

  • Inclement weather conditions (e.g. low visibility, strong crosswinds)

  • Hidden manufacturing defects

  • Airport staff or union strikes

Usually, the severity of the abovementioned events needs to be determined on a case by case basis. For instance, bad weather conditions can affect different aircraft in different ways. As of 2019, Finnair flies with 7 different aircraft models and each of them may be affected by the weather differently. Under certain conditions, some may be forced to remain grounded while others would be capable of flight. Therefore, under similar conditions, there may be Finnair flight delays and cancellations if you are scheduled to fly with one aircraft, instead of another.

If the airline can prove that there were extraordinary circumstances which forced the disruption, that they were incapable of mitigating, it would not be required to compensate its passengers therefore refuse to pay.

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Finnair Cancelled Flight Compensation

According to EU rules, you can claim compensation for your Finnair flight cancellation if the airline failed to inform you of the disruption at least 14 days before the flight.

  • If you are notified of the cancelled flight between 7 and 14 days prior to takeoff, you can submit a Finnair claim if your alternate flight reaches your final destination with more than a four hour delay.

  • If you are informed of the cancellation less than a week before your flight, you would be eligible for Finnair cancelled flight compensation if your alternate flight arrives at your final destination with a delay of over 2 hours.

In the event of a cancellation, you are also entitled to either a full refund of the price you paid for your ticket or to an alternate flight to your final destination. You have the right to choose when your replacement flight would be- as soon as possible or at a later date.

Passengers have a right the right to choose between a refund and an alternate flight even if they are not entitled to compensation i.e. if the airline informed them in due time and/or there were no exceptional circumstances surrounding the flight.

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Right to Care

If your Finnair flight is delayed or cancelled, the airline is obliged to assist you for the period of your wait for your departure. Therefore, all affected passengers can have their food and drinks expenses covered by the airline for the duration of the delay or until the departure of their alternate flight.

In addition, if your Finnair flight is cancelled and you are given an alternate flight the next day, the airline is required to cover all of your hotel accommodation and transport costs.

It is important to note that this right is completely separate from the right to Finnair compensation for a delayed flight. Passengers are entitled to food and drinks for the period of your wait regardless of the circumstances that have brought Finnair’s flight delay about. In other words, even if your disruption was due to bad weather, your right to care remains and the airline should help you out with your additional expenses.

Often times, Finnair will offer you a voucher for your expenses at the airport. If the voucher amount is insufficient to cover your costs, feel free to go over its limit. The airline is required to reimburse you for any costs in excess of its amount. Remember to hold on to your receipts.

In fact, if the airline does not offer you a voucher, it is still required to compensate you for any costs you incur. Again, keep your receipts as they are the only acceptable proof of expenditures. Unfortunately, bank statements are not accepted.

Denied Boarding

Passengers can claim Finnair overbooking compensation if they are involuntarily denied boarding to their flight. As with flight delays and cancellations, the compensation amount will depend on the flight distance.

If your flight was shorter than 1,500 km, you can claim up to €250 in Finnair flight compensation. Your refund rises to €400 for flights spanning between 1,500 and 3,500 km. Finally, you can claim up to €600 if your flight exceeds 3,500 km.

In addition to your reimbursement, you Finnair would be required to provide you with either:

  • a full refund of the cost of your ticket or
  • an alternate flight to your final destination.

Is My Flight Eligible?

About Finnair

Finnair was established in 1923 which makes it the sixth oldest airline still in operation. It is Finland’s flag carrier and the biggest airline in the country. By owning 56% of its shares, the Finnish government is by far Finnair’s largest shareholder as no other shareholder owns more than 5% of the total shares.

Finnair is considered one of the safest airlines in the world. It topped the 2019 safety rankings, surpassing the previous year’s leaders- Scoot Tigerair and Norwegian Air Shuttle.

Finnair has codeshare agreements with Air France, British Airways, Icelandair and many more.

The fleet size of Finnair’s is 83 aircraft which fly to more than 130 destinations across 40 countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

A member since 1999, the airline was the first recruit of the Oneworld alliance.

Finnair Rankings

Skytrax, the leading airline ranking website, has given Finnair аn aggregate score of 6/10. This average customer rating considers overall passenger comfort, customer service, and value for money. The staff services is rated particularly high.

In addition, Skytrax officially ranks Finnair as a 4-star airline and among the best in Europe.