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Qantas flight delay compensation: The complete guide


How to claim compensation for a Qantas flight delay?

If you experienced a flight disruption (delay, cancellation or overbooking) with Qantas Airways when flying from Europe in the last 3 years, you might be eligible for substantial financial compensation (up to €600) according to Regulation 261/2004 of the European Union. Qantas is the official Australian carrier and it’s a big airline, but it has a slow and cumbersome process when it comes to compensation for flight delays or cancellations. However, European law obliges them to provide such compensation to their passengers for flights departing from EU airports. 

If you are afraid that the procedure of claiming your compensation from Qantas Airways will be difficult and tedious, do not worry, you will not be on your own if you entrust Skyrefund in helping you get what is rightfully yours. 

For starters, we offer a free compensation calculator which allows you to quickly check your eligibility for reimbursement and the maximum amount of money you can get. You only have to enter your Qantas flight details (flight booking number and dates of travel), and you will have all the information you need.

If after using our compensation calculator, you are assured that you are entitled to financial compensation, you can leave your case in the hands of our experienced legal team. We will spare you the trouble of going through the process of claiming your refund, and that includes contacting the airline’s customer service and the responsible administrative bodies, and even taking the case before court if necessary. 

What’s more, we work on the “No win, no fee” principle which means that we will not charge you unless we win the case on your behalf. If we succeed, the fee will be 35% of the compensation amount.

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You can get up to €600 in compensation

Am I entitled to compensation?

In order for you as an air passenger to be eligible for compensation under EU law in case of a Qantas flight delay, there are three important conditions that need to be fulfilled:

  • The flight departed from a European airport (United Kingdom included; the UK Parliament adopted EC261 after Brexit).
  • The flight arrived at the final destination with a delay of minimum three hours.
  • The airline was responsible for the delay and there were no extraordinary circumstances.

There are two important things to note about these conditions: 

  1. The flight delay is considered based on the time of arrival, not the time of departure. Even if your plane took off more than 3 hours after the announced departure time, you will not be entitled to compensation if the pilot manages to compensate for some of the lost time and lands the plane with less than 3 hours delay from the official arrival time. 
  2. The most common examples of extraordinary circumstances are the following:
    • Bad weather conditions (thunder- and snowstorms, hail, etc.)
    • Air traffic control restrictions;
    • Bird strikes; 
    • Strikes of the airport or air traffic control staff;
    • Security threats / terrorist attacks;
    • Political or civil unrest.

If the flight delay is due to any of the above situations, Qantas will not be required to pay you any compensation. If, however, your plane is delayed because of a Qantas staff strike, it will be considered the airline’s responsibility to manage their staff and you will be eligible for a reimbursement according to EU Regulation 261. 

If you are unsure of your eligibility for Qantas flight compensation, you can use our free compensation calculator and quickly find out whether you are entitled to a refund and what amount of money you can expect to receive. If you are indeed eligible, you can easily submit your claim on our website and our team will contact Qantas to initiate the legal procedure of getting your rightful compensation.

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How much compensation am I entitled to for my Qantas delayed flight?

EC261 usually covers both internal and international flights departing or arriving at EU/UK airports, but the flights arriving to Europe need to be operated by a European airline. That means that you can only get compensated for a Qantas flight disruption if your plane is scheduled to depart from a European airport. 

Good news is that the amount of compensation is calculated based on the total length of your journey and for non-internal EU flights over 3,500 km you would be entitled to the maximum reimbursement - €600. The compensation amounts range from €250 to €600 and you can consult the table below for more detailed information on the conditions for getting reimbursement.

Distance Compensation
All flights under 1,500 km  €250
Internal EU flights over 1,500 km €400
Non-internal EU flights between 1,500 - 3,500 km €400
Non-internal EU flights over 3,500 km


Can I get compensated for a Qantas flight cancellation or denied boarding?

As we already mentioned, the EC261 also protects your rights if your Qantas flight from Europe is cancelled. In order for you to be eligible for a compensation, the following conditions need to be met:

  1. The airline informed you about the flight cancellation less than 14 days before the scheduled departure AND did not provide a suitable alternative flight within a reasonable timeframe. 
  2. The flight was not cancelled due to any extraordinary circumstances (see above).

If Qantas cancels your flight, they are obliged to offer you either a replacement flight as soon as possible or to provide you with a full refund of the flight ticket price. If you have a connecting flight under a different booking number, you will get a refund only for part of the ticket price (the one for the Qantas flight). Compensation and refund requests are two separate rights, so you can get both if all necessary conditions are met. 

Lastly, apart from a delayed or canceled flight, Qantas will also owe you financial compensation if you are denied boarding due to overbooking. You can read our detailed guide on getting your refund in such cases.


In conclusion

If you experienced a delay on a Qantas flight, do not hesitate to contact Skyrefund and claim flight compensation of up to €600. We will do our best to help you get what is rightfully yours!