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Singapore Airlines Flight Delay Compensation

What to do in case of a Singapore Airlines flight delay?

If you have recently experienced a delayed flight on a Singapore Airlines service, you could be eligible for compensation. According to EU Regulation 261/2004 (EC 261), as long as you have experienced a delay or cancellation that could have been prevented by the airline, you can claim up to €600. The regulation applies to all trips scheduled to depart from the EU. 

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There’s only onegood thingabout a delay

You can get up to €600 in compensation

How much compensation are you entitled to for your delayed Singapore Airlines flight?

The length of your journey and the duration of the delay determines how much compensation Singapore Airlines is required to pay you.

If your flight was shorter than 1,500 km, you could claim €250 for your disruption. If your flight spanned between 1,500 and 3,500 km, your compensation increases to €400. Finally, if your flight spanned more than 3,500 km, you could claim up to €600.

In fact, all European airports are at more than 3,500 km away from Singapore, the airline’s largest hub. Therefore, in all flight delay or cancellation cases passengers will be eligible for €600 in compensation.

€ 250 € 400 € 600
Less than 1500 km Between 1500 & 3500 km More than 3500 km

Can I claim compensation for my Singapore Airlines flight?

Singapore Airlines Delay Compensation

According to the provisions of EC261, you would be eligible for compensation if your flight meets the following conditions:

  • Your trip started at an EU airport.
  • You reached your final destination with a delay of over three hours.
  • Your delay did not result from any extraordinary circumstances.

EU regulations on air travel apply to flights operated by EU airlines as well as to all flights which depart from the EU, regardless of the nationality of their operating carrier. As Singapore Airlines is registered internationally, passengers would only be eligible for compensation if their journey began from an EU airport.

Simply put, if the starting point of your journey was in the EU or your disruption occurred while you were connecting flights (including in airports outside of the EU), you can submit a Singapore Airlines flight delay compensation claim.

For example, imagine you booked a trip from Frankfurt to Singapore via Doha. If your connection is delayed, you could be eligible for €600 in compensation.

In addition, your compensation eligibility depends on whether any extraordinary circumstances were present. In general, these would encompass any events that result in a delay or cancellation which were outside the airline’s control to prevent or mitigate.

Common causes of such exceptional situations include but are not limited to:

  • Prohibitive weather conditions
  • Political or civil unrest
  • Security and/or safety risks
  • Bird strikes
  • Air Traffic Control and/or airport personnel strikes
  • Hidden manufacturing defects

In general, in these cases, the airline would not have the means to preclude or mitigate the flight disruption.

Under these circumstances, a Singapore Airlines delay or cancellation would not have been the airline’s fault. The air carrier would not be responsible for paying flight compensation to the affected air passengers.

However, the following circumstances are not considered exceptional and you may have a valid compensation claim:

  • Bad weather that affected a prior flight
  • Problems with airline staff
  • Technical problems preventing the aircraft from taking off
  • Denied boarding caused by overbooking

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Singapore Airlines Flight Cancellation

According to the provisions laid out in EU Regulation 261, you can claim compensation for your cancelled flight if:

  • You were informed of the cancellation less than 14 days before the scheduled departure
  • The replacement flight to your final destination arrived more than 4 hours late.
  • Your Singapore Airlines cancellation was not caused by any extraordinary circumstances

In addition, if you are notified of the disruption less than 7 days prior to takeoff, you may be eligible for reimbursement if your replacement flight arrives more than 2 hours late.

In most cases, Singapore Airlines flight cancellations occur on the day of the flight. Therefore, as long as you arrive with an overall delay of over 2 hours, you could claim up to €600.

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The airline is required to provide you with an alternate arrangement for you to reach your final destination or a full refund of your tickets regardless of whether you are eligible for compensation or not.

In fact, most passengers would automatically be booked to the next flight to their final destination. However, you could choose to contact the airline and fly at another time or not at all. In the latter case, you would receive a full refund of the price you paid for your ticket.

Right to Food and Drinks in case of a Singapore Airlines delay or cancellation

If there was a disruption to your Singapore Airlines flight, the carrier is required to assist you for the period of your wait. Passengers are entitled to food and drinks for the duration between the scheduled time of departure and the actual takeoff.

Thе means that Singapore Airlines should cover all of your necessary expenses even if the delay or cancellation was due to bad weather or a strike. It should also cover the accommodation you would need in case you need to spend the night at your initial or intermediate location.

The airline will often provide you with vouchers for a specific amount. But if it doesn’t, you can still make all of your necessary purchases. Singapore Airlines will have to pay for all expenditures that you can prove.

Just remember: keep your receipts. They will be proof of your expenses later on.

In fact, you can get a refund for any expenses that exceed the voucher amount.

How it works?

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About Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines was founded in 1947 as Malayan Airways. Immense growth in the 70 years since its inception has seen the airline rise to rise in reputation to one of the best airlines in the world. It is also one of the busiest and in 2015 it ranked 10th in terms of number of international passengers served.

Singapore Airlines flies to 32 different countries. It has a very strong presence in Southeast Asia and serves a variety of routes to the United States, Australia and Europe.

 Singapore Airlines Rankings

Singapore Airlines was announced as the World’s Best Airline by the World Airline Awards. In addition, it is a 5-Star Certified airline by Skytrax. Skytrax contributors have given it a 7/10 rating. This rating is meant to rate the airline’s customer service, in-flight entertainment, and overall value for money.